The Hussies Upstairs: Part 2

J Parker-Skyline-ViewBy Amber Robbin

I emerged from the bathroom, as put together as I’d bother for a humid Windy City day, and merged with the other little black dresses careening around marble corners on a carousel of false, glittering smiles and jewel-toned cocktails. I rounded the bend at the giant glass windows overlooking the seamless lake and passed Nigel on my way outside. He was busy taking orders from a server: “But I had that section last night,” she whined “and I had nothing but two-tops the entire night! Why ya gonna waste one of your best servers on date night, Nigel, when I could be rockin’ that couch section better than any of the girls in here?!”  Continue reading


The Hussies Upstairs: Part 1

bathrooms1By Amber Robbin

“They’re at it again.”


“The hussies upstairs.”

“Oh, is that what they’re calling them now?”

“No, they say worse things. That’s what I’M calling them,” she said, flashing her classic Cheshire grin.

“You are aware, I work upstairs?”  Continue reading