Amber Robbin is the creator, designer, editor, and head writer for Tumbleweed Diaries. She began her writing as a rambunctious city kid attending grade school in the heart of downtown Chicago, garnering much attention for her often opinionated and impassioned work, including the poems “Why Boys Are a Waste of Time” and the Young Author award-winning “Fairies in the Sky.” Amber majored in Dance at the Chicago Academy for the Arts and received a BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University. Her favorite experiences thus far since graduation include volunteering as a rape crisis counselor, becoming a certified English teacher, backpacking in Europe, and returning to her writing. Currently, she writes freelance for AudioFemmeHello Fearless, and ReelChicago and serves as Talent Coordinator on the My Way Podcast.

Michael Gutgsell is living his dream, working with cats and writing! He just had no idea his dream would also include eating Ramen noodles so much because he can’t afford to buy a meal after paying off his rent and student loans. Michael went to Goucher College in Baltimore, where he studied Creative Writing, which has clearly made him highly desirable in the workforce. He has worked as a landscaper, a waiter, an actor (briefly!), a petsitter, and an ESL instructor. He’s scraped by working in antique stores, pet shops, sex shops, non-profits, and retirement homes. His dream is to one day open a savings account. You can read more of him on his weekly blog, Making a Mess of It, where he bakes his way through a 1973 Good Housekeeping Cookbook while navigating life as a newly single man, or by checking out his previous blog, A Summer with Jane, where he read all of Jane Austen’s novels while working at a sex shop. He also blogs weekly for Tree House Humane Society, a no-kill stray cat shelter located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.


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